ZEISS DuraMax eliminates the need for fixed gauges. Equipped with the VAST XXT scanning sensor from ZEISS, it can even be used to capture contours and freeform surfaces. A rough production environment? No match for ZEISS DuraMax.


with shop floor base

Shop Floor base

  • Dust and moisture protection as per IP54

  • Carrier arm for keyboard and monitor

  • Lockable storage space for a PC

  • Thermal shielding

  • Movable with lifting truck or forklift

Optional accessories

  • Automatic temperature reader with two workpiece sensors

  • Rotary Table

DuraMax HTG

High Temperature Gradient

Deployable from +15ºC to +40ºC

  • Enhanced insulating panels

  • Extreme temperature stability

  • Increased temperature range from +15º C to +40º C


In the standard configuration (base, software and ­hardware), DuraMax HTG corresponds to the model with the Shop Floor base.

Coordinate measuring technology for production

  • Temperature stability from +18ºC to +30ºC

  • No compressed air required

  • Space-saving design

  • Integrated passive damping system

  • Four-sided loading

  • Completely covered guideways

ZEISS VAST XXT scanning sensor

  • Scanning and single-point measuring

  • CNC-guided stylus change

  • 25 mm adapter plate for optimal reproducibility

  • Axial stylus length: 30 to 150 mm

  • Radial stylus length: 30 to 65 mm

Further components

  • Numerical control panel with two progressive joysticks

  • Stylus rack for CNC-guided stylus change