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Reverse Engineering services are used for a number of purposes throughout many industries. Oftentimes manufacturers have an operational part, but lack a model, drawing, and tooling. Reverse engineering is an extremely effective method of producing 3D CAD models or 2D drawings from an existing component. At Visional Technology , we can evaluate and measure every aspect of your component in order to develop the essential drawings & 3D models needed for manufacture.

Using a combination of 3D laser scanning, touch probes, scanning probes, and hand tool measurements, we can readily replicate physical parts with a number digital formats. Scanned data shows the current state of components current state, and often serves as baseline for new product development. Do you need to update old drawings? Were they simply lost to time? Do you need to design all-new tooling from a prototype? When you need to reverse engineer a model or drawing from a part, Visional Technology is ready to provide the metrology solution you need.

Reverse engineering is an important step to extract the design data from a finished component (CAD model). The component first needs to be scanned. It doesn’t matter whether the data is captured using a ZEISS KMG, CT, optical sensor or even a third-party machine. Next, the point clouds (all ASCII formats) or meshes (STL data) are imported to ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING. The point clouds or meshes (STL data) can be processed there thanks to a variety of effective functions. In just a few steps, you will have a watertight CAD model that can be exported to standard CAD formats.

Reverse Engineering can help:
  • Establish a reliable 3D CAD Model

  • Reproduce an outdated or obsolete part or product

  • Advance your team’s product or part development

  • Investigate design that can be improved or modified

  • Innovate an existing part or product design

  • Repair obsolete equipment

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