Surfcom Nex 001

The SURFCOM NEX 001 surface measuring station enables highly effective roughness and waviness measurements. The patented linear drive of the SURFCOM NEX 001 allows for high measuring and positioning speeds and ensures more precise results as compared to standard machines with a spindle drive. The sensor impresses with its large measuring range and extremely high resolution. 

Due to its compact size (sensor diameter: 14 mm) and numerous optional extensions and angled parts, the SURFCOM NEX 001 can reach almost any measurement location. The CNC measuring station has an expandable design and can therefore easily be retrofitted and upgraded on-site, e.g. with a white light sensor, a contour sensor or a package for 3D topography measurements.

  • CNC measuring station with high measuring and positioning speed

  • Resolution of up to 0.1 nm at a 6.4 µm range and 20 nm at a 1,000 µm range

  • Best-in-class residual noise (Rz 0) thanks to  a low-vibration linear drive that is up to seven times faster

  • Future proof thanks to multi-sensor capability (optical and contact sensors)

  • Possible upgrade into a combined contour and surface measuring machine

  • Higher productivity thanks to fully automatic measurements using an optional CNC kit

  • Optional topography measurements (optical or contact)

  • Furniture solutions: space-saving DX variation suitable for production, solid, attractively-priced FX version with integrated active vibration damping or comprehensive SD desk furniture

  • Two different sizes of granite measuring table available

The SURFCOM NEX 001 is at home wherever there are high demands on surface parameters and throughput. The SURFCOM NEX 001 works quickly, precisely and reliably.


Our staff is highly experienced with over 19 years working in the use and application of cutting-edge measurement technology in regulated manufacturing operations. 


- Incoming inspection outsourcing

- Calibrations and field services

- First Article Inspections (FAI) 

- Reverse Engineering 

- Fixture development and prototyping

- 3D Printing Services 

- Evaluation of parts, components and metrology needs 

- Equipment and Software Validation 

- Software Integration (Custom applications 

- Set-up of metrology departments 

- Technical and Management Staffing

-Training Services 

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