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Surfcom Nex with white light sensor

The optical sensor of the SURFCOM NEX line offers an exceptionally high measuring rate and excellent dynamics. The sensor enables highly precise in-line measurement in production and quality assurance. The SURFCOM NEX with white light sensor uses the chromatic-confocal measurement principle in the visible and infrared spectral range.

  • A small, contact-free sensor with a compact design for high accuracy and comprehensive measurements

  • Exact measurements of sensitive surfaces

  • High measuring rate of up to 2,000 measurements per second

  • Chromatic-confocal measurement principle

  • Light source: halogen lamp with automated light control

  • Pitch error: <10-3

  • Light spot diameter: 2 µm

  • Working distance: 4.5 mm

The SURFCOM NEX with white light sensor is used wherever non-contact measurements of workpieces are needed. Especially those surfaces which are too sensitive for contact measurements are captured optimally, e.g. plastics, foil, paper and other soft materials.

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