Surfcom Nex with white light sensor

The optical sensor of the SURFCOM NEX line offers an exceptionally high measuring rate and excellent dynamics. The sensor enables highly precise in-line measurement in production and quality assurance. The SURFCOM NEX with white light sensor uses the chromatic-confocal measurement principle in the visible and infrared spectral range.

  • A small, contact-free sensor with a compact design for high accuracy and comprehensive measurements

  • Exact measurements of sensitive surfaces

  • High measuring rate of up to 2,000 measurements per second

  • Chromatic-confocal measurement principle

  • Light source: halogen lamp with automated light control

  • Pitch error: <10-3

  • Light spot diameter: 2 µm

  • Working distance: 4.5 mm

The SURFCOM NEX with white light sensor is used wherever non-contact measurements of workpieces are needed. Especially those surfaces which are too sensitive for contact measurements are captured optimally, e.g. plastics, foil, paper and other soft materials.


Our staff is highly experienced with over 19 years working in the use and application of cutting-edge measurement technology in regulated manufacturing operations. 


- Incoming inspection outsourcing

- Calibrations and field services

- First Article Inspections (FAI) 

- Reverse Engineering 

- Fixture development and prototyping

- 3D Printing Services 

- Evaluation of parts, components and metrology needs 

- Equipment and Software Validation 

- Software Integration (Custom applications 

- Set-up of metrology departments 

- Technical and Management Staffing

-Training Services 

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