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GageMax measures directly in production with enormous speed and precision. GageMax is unaffected by extreme temperature fluctuations and ground vibrations. GageMax can also measure unknown curves and freeforms via active scanning.

Coordinate measuring technology for production

  • Three-sided loading and operation

  • Temperature stability from +15ºC to +40ºC

  • Compact dimensions, large measuring space

  • Moveable with a forklift

  • Ram made of temperature-stable carbon-fiber

  • Includes stylus rack with 4 slots

Temperature Variable Accuracy (TVA)

The accuracy of measuring machines is usually only given for the ideal temperature. Not with GageMax: thanks to the TVA formula, the accuracy of this system can be exactly determined for different temperatures.

Navigator technology package

  • Automatic generation of the ideal measuring strategy

  • Tangential approach

  • Helix scanning

  • Dynamic stylus calibration

VAST Performance Kit

  • FlyScan

  • QuickChange


  • Touchscreen – unaffected by oil and dirt

  • Pneumatic stylus rack

  • Protective enclosure and safety technology

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