Our staff is highly experienced with over 15 years working in the use and application of cutting-edge measurement technology in regulated manufacturing operations. 


- Incoming inspection outsourcing

- First Article Inspections (FAI) 

- Reverse Engineering 

- Fixture development and prototyping

- 3D Printing Services 

- Evaluation of parts, components and metrology needs 

- Equipment and Software Validation 

- Software Integration (Custom applications 

- Set-up of metrology departments 

- Technical and Management Staffing

-Training Services 


Physical Address

168 KM. 0.6 Hato Tejas Bayamón, Puerto Rico, 00959


Postal Address 

400 Calle Calaf Suite #49

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 00918

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3D Products  

Visional Technology’s 3D solutions allow engineers and designers to convert physical parts and components into digital format while maintaining their dimensional characteristics.  This enables users to create CAD drawings of parts for which CAD models are not available, inspect 100% of part features faster than with ordinary measurement tools and digitizing parts for archiving or 3D printing.

Reverse Engineering 

Re-create parts by extracting their geometrical features quicker and more accurately when compared with traditional reverse engineering processes


Inspect 100% parts faster and accurately by comparing parts with their corresponding CAD models.


Transform parts into digital format for archiving, documentation and 3D printing purposes.